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I am quite disappointed with many movies that come out these days. It seems like everyone is trying to fast buck! I can honestly say that I have not seen any good movies lately. sad.gif
I can totally agree with you. The movies today are not what they should be which is entertaining. I haven't been to the theater in over 2 years. If there is one I really like, I'll wait till it's on dvd then either rent or buy it at wally world. If it entertains me then it has done its job. I love movies.biggrin.gif

Maybe if the theatres cut the tickets by 50% they have to come up with better storylines or writers hehe. tongue.gif

The other thing that is disappointing is Good TV series are being canned and replaced with garbage. dizzy.gif

I don't get to watch TV often, so when I do watch I'd like to see some decent shows.biggrin.gif

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