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a Social Gathering for All Things Crypto

This is where the winners will be featured, as well as an interviews, videos or audio sessions.

to upload your picture to qualify after you signup. The more you grow
your friends for cash network (by inviting friends that is not already on the Friends for Cash Network), the likely for you to win.

absolutely free! You might even get paid! All we ask, is that you help
us grow by inviting some of you buddies and just keep it real Happy

Congratulations! Winners to Date:

wink.gif<!-- a-->Taishay, BabyD,
Alante, Gerard,
Georel and

. This
month we have 10 winners in all.

Accomplishment: Awesome Web Layout.
Prize: One SpyEar listening Device each. We will not e-mail or contact
you if you win, so please remember to visit FriendsForCash daily. You
have 30 days to claim your prize or it will be voided.
1 SpyEar each.

Tony Beach wins a SpyEar. Contest:
10 or more friends on your 1st degree list from 9/13/06-10/01/06.&
you'll get a SpyEar Gift..

11/02/06 20:50 Testimonial Messagesmile.gif:

Thank you Owen and Friends
for Cash for the awesome Spy ear prize... As soon as I walked in
the house the other day it was laying in my doorway..... I immediately
went to my computer and while updating my businesses..I tried the new
spy Ear out for the 1st time....WOW ....I can can hear things in both
houses on either side of me...I can hear what people are saying and
eveything else....Amazing.... It works great so people go out there and
recruit your 10-20 referrals and get your new Spy Ear...hear what
people are saying about you or use it for security purposes...

again Friends For Cash....for the great prize! And thanks again for the
awesome site you have.....I see 1,000,000 within a year and I will do
what I can to make it happen!

Tony Beach

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