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ok so I love online games and these are so much fun!

There is nothing to download and they are all free and alot of fun to play! You can win real cash and prizes with all of these.

As a promosquad member, you have the power to impact the music - here are all the ways for you to voice your vote, and earn points to redeem in the promosquad Prize Store
promosquad jukebox: Definitely the most important thing you can do for music - rate new songs before they hit the airwaves...make a difference and get points for each song!
Fame Gauge: It's a popularity contest! Tell us how you feel about hundreds of Music Artists
Polls: A fun way to be heard, and see what others say - and of course, earn more points
Get Famous: If you know someone who is good enough to "make it", let us know - we'll give you points if we agree, and cash if we get them signed to a label - and we'll give them the chance of a lifetime
Promote the jukebox: Refer friends, post your own referral link on message boards and personal web spaces, link from your emails - we'll give you your own referral link, and points for everyone who signs up from it.
Don't miss out - we give away a ton of great contest prizes - from CD's to Laptops to cash... contests and winners are announced by email
Updates - new songs, artists, polls, news, and contests are added all the time, and we're rolling out lots of site enhancements too - so be sure to check in often
Blingo is the search engine that gives away prizes every day like movie tickets, iTunes gift certificates, plasma TVs, and even a Ford Mustang, just for searching the Internet. Check it out and sign up. Just search and win! If you refer someone and they win, you win also!
Winzy is a search engine where you can win free prizes. Every search on Winzy is a chance to win! Just use Winzy to search the web, the same way you would use any other search engine. If youƒÂ¢€š¬â€ž₢re a winner, you will see an alert to let you know what youƒÂ¢€š¬â€ž₢ve won.
Another thing, for every friend you refer, if they win something, you win the same thing they did!
Compete here with other members for real cash!
This site is fun and addicting, and you can also spin the search wheel 4 times a day
and win up to $36,000 a day!
Every spin wins something, even if it's just a few cents.
Upgrade, attack, defend, form alliances, and earn real cash and win prizes.
Exodus 3000 is an online strategy game where you can have fun while earning real cash and prizes! You don't need to install any extra software...just sign up and begin playing! Once in the game, you will earn Mars Dollars (MD) for performing actions, such as mining volcanos, searching ruins, and attacking other players. At the end of the month, you can exchange your MD for real cash!
There is no limit to the amount of cash you can earn! The more you play, the more you get! Open to anyone!
Get paid to play a fun online game! There is nothing to download and it is absolutely free to play and tons of fun.
Once you sign up you can begin playing.
Wealth Wars is a free online role playing game which allows members to move through an imaginary world where just about any thing goes. When a member signs up with Wealth Wars they are given a base which is randomly placed on a coordinate in the Wealth Wars world.
You begin at your home base and move North, South, East, or West to uncover cash, points, extra moves, and to buy upgrades for different things.
You get 350 moves in the morning, and then 350 more moves after 12:00 noon.
I have made about $5-$10 a day doing this! It's easy and fun and you can also attack other members to steal their cash! You can also make up to $6 for each referral.
Welcome to Pirate the World
Ahoy Mateys!
Welcome to Pirate the World, an online adventure game where you can earn real cash money and prizes for free. Sail the world and discover your fortune by searching islands for gold, prizes and even real money! Plunder gold by attacking other pirates and towns you find along the way.

You can choose to cash in your gold for real money at the end of each month. The more money earned from ad revenue and purchasable items, the higher the conversion rate for your gold will be. In addition to the gold you can earn in the game, you can also earn gold by referring friends to Pirate the World. This can earn you some serious booty. Anyone can join and play, even international members!
Play the lottery for free all day long for real cash and prizes!
Playing The Game
After registration, you can begin winning! Pick 4 two digit numbers and 1 one digit bonus number and click the WIN!!! button. The game automatically checks your picks against all 9 simultaneous ways to win and immediately let's you know if you're a winner. You can win cash or valuable points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other great NetWinner's Partner merchandise.
And it's always FREE TO PLAY!
NetWinner - You Play, We Pay!

Refer a Friend
NetWinner has the BEST referral program on the Net! Refer all your friends today and start earning points and free cash. Not only do you receive 500 points for each referral, but we also give you an additional 10% bonus on all prizes and points won by your friends. We automatically track all referral levels so you also get credit for every friend that your friends refer!
Click here to refer your friends

Getting Points
You receive 1000 just for registering at! Refer a friend and easily earn another 500 points. There are always new promotions and contests to increase your ways to win. Of course you always receive points for picking winning numbers and points can be redeemed for prizes or gift cards from many of America's favorite brands.
Great New PTC Game!!!
* Watch ads and at the bottom you will see a link that says:
-then you are directed to an add to watch for 10 seconds
-at the top you will see
(be fast so you win)
-don't worry if your not fast you will still get 1% of the prize
Play fun TV trivia for cash and prizes.
You get to choose what tv shows you watch every day and then answer questions about them!
Play free games. Collect tickets. Win prizes or give to a cause.
In the middle of your busy day, take a little "fun break." From crossword puzzles and word games to trivia teasers, there are lots of chances to partake in a little brain candy and earn tickets along the way.
Then, double the fun when you turn those tickets in for goodies like gift cards, Xbox consoles and accessories, Zune media players, and a lot more. Or you can decide to give tickets earned to charity.
Tickets are earned through playing games. Each time you play a game you will earn tickets. If signed in, tickets will be deposited in your account when you finish playing a game. If you are not signed in, tickets will accumulate as you complete a game. However, if you don't sign in prior to leaving the browser session, you will lose the tickets you earned.

Let me know if any of those links do not work and I can email you an invitation.

Thanks for looking and have fun with these!!!

if you live in the usa or canada your guaranteed to win if you play and verfi your e-mail there refer code bingogranny1563
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