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Much to my delight, I joined a Traffic Coop Tonite.

I joined for traffic! Thats all!

Anyone in business knows, traffic is your lifeblood of your business,

on the net if they are not clicking and looking you have no cash.

So I thought WOW $5.00

So I joined.

Well to my delight my earnings last I looked are at $4.50.

This means I have $0.50 till I have my money back.

I am going to look again before I finish this note just because

I can then post my results too.'

Its better than what I say, jsut one of those set and forget systems thats what I love just to get some traffic.

Now i willkeep you posted on results.

Lisa Lomas

CMU CO-Founder

P.s They sent me $5.75 cash, not much but all in first day.

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